Private and Group Lessons

                                                                                 Members               Member Guests


     Private:                                                 1 hour:     $53pp                          $58pp


     Video Analysis:                                     1 hour:     $64pp                          $69pp


     Semi-Private:                                         1 hour:    $28pp                          $31pp




     3 people                                                 1 hour:    $19pp                          $21pp

     4 people                                                 1 hour:    $17pp                          $19pp

     5 people                                                 1 hour:    $14pp                          $17pp

     6 people                                                 1 hourr:   $12pp                          $15pp


NOTE:  Individual, group and specialized clinic discount packages are also available (i.e. Seniors, Juniors, Interclub, Doubles, ATA, USTA, Corporate, etc.)

Group of seniors reviewing the progressions of the serve